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Our membership sets the Standard for Excellence in the Home Staging Industry in Austin and the Central Texas area. Education and Ethics are our benchmark. To qualify for membership of the Austin IAHSP® Chapter, you must be a licensed business owner in the Central Texas area, and be an ASP® expert, ASPM® expert, or ASP® Realtor and a current member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals. All members are subject to our Code of Ethics as well as to our Policies and Procedures. Please scroll down to view our membership and contact us individually or, to be referred to one of our members contact Austin IAHSP Regional Chapter.



Jonathon Todd - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter President

Sandy Earnhart, Owner Highland Lakes Staging - ASP, ASPM, IAHSP Premier, ASP-REO, ASP- SRS, ASP-BTS, IAHSP-CB
Chapter Membership

Hayden Yates - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Treasurer

Geneva Might - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Secretary

Jenny Creath - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Ambassador

Linda Malesky - ASP, IAHSP
Educational Chair

Mary M. Scalli - Simple Elegance - ASP, ASPM, IAHSP Premier, ASP-REO, ASP-SRS, ASP-BTS, IAHSP-CB
Chapter Member

Kandis Martin - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Elizabeth Bradner, Owner of Plethora Decor - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Randa Chapman - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Taryn Raulston - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Pat Carle - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Carmen Williams - ASP, IAHSP, ASP-BTS
Chapter Member

Sharon Francz - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Lea Stoddard - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member

Morgan Collard - ASP, IAHSP
Chapter Member



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